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Connecting School Counselors to Student Achievement

The accountability requirements of Indiana Public Law 221 and No Child Left Behind, along with very real budget cuts facing schools, raise questions about ways in which every person in a school positively impacts student success. This tool provides a simple way for school counselors to assess their impact on student success.

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Getting Started

To utilize this tool:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "RSC" under the REGISTRATION heading
  3. Click on "Choices for Achievement"

Become an Indiana Choices for Achievement (RSC Lite) School
("RSC Full" is the process to become a Gold Star school)

Login to the Indiana Choices for Achievement

Each K-12 lead counselor received a login from InSAI in the mail in February, 2010. If you have lost or forgotten your login, follow the instructions on the login page.  If you have gone through gold star, your login information will be the same.

Complete the Following Tabs:

Tabs are designated in dark blue on the ASAI page.
Program Goal(s)
  • Program Goals Intro Webcast will provide an explanation of goals. All CFA goals as selected by the statewide steering team and the IDOE are marked with an asterisk.
  • Goals include Achievement, Student Choice, Guidance, and Counseling.
Program Activities
  • The Program Activities Webcast will provide an explanation of activities that can be entered.
  • You will be asked to link each activity to the student choice goal you are attempting to meet.
Annual Analysis
  • The Webcast will provide you with an explanation.
  • You will be asked to insert baseline data and target data for your primary goals(s).  At the end of each school year, you will want to return to this tab to enter your year-end data.
  • Resource Utilization will provide you with a list of free resources available to counselors.
Gold Star Schools

Click on RSC Full to access your online portfolio.

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